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"When the government fears the people there is liberty; when the people fear the government there is tyranny."
Thomas Jefferson

Hi All.

Just a note to inform everyone what went on today [March 27th] at the meeting at City Hall. The meeting began at 9. Thankfully, Jim and Kay were there to carry the burden of representing us. Jim gave a wonderful snapshot of what goes on on the beach and how it affects so many in such a positive way. Thanks Jim.

I arrived fashionably late after my class expecting our meeting to be about 9:30. It was over by the time I got there. We were about 200 strong. About 1/2 of our folks were wearing our 'Yoga with Elin' tee shirts. I shuffled almost everyone outside (84* and sunny) to greet the media. TV and newspapers were there. Josh from Ch. 7 said he had covered 10 years worth of City Hall events and this was the largest ever!!! Good for us!!

Our Mayor and City Council Members are all on our side. The County has their job to do and don't see the value 'free' brings to the table. Yoga on Venice Beach was voted top 4 Fun Things to do in Sarasota County for 2011. Venice is #9 in the Top 10 Places to Retire in the U.S.. I believe that our fitness and wellness we have on Venice Beach has something to do with being #9.

We have been up front in the newspapers, always on TV, just were on Gulf Coast Journal out of Tampa for a segment on their very popular show. I just got a call from a representative to come by on Tuesday from the Florida Bureau of Tourism and do a story on us. This is huge. It isn't all about me, it is a sense of community that all those advertising $ cannot buy. People tell me every day they have come to Venice to vacation or buy a home or rent mainly because of the Yoga on Venice Beach. Daily, 300+ people in season come to the beach to do Yoga FOR FREE. Imagine that. FREE. Where in the world can you find something like that? Venice, Florida. What a charming place to be. We are very lucky. Thank you for your support.

Yours in good health,


Balance, Breathe, Strengthen and at the same time Relax.
This is the focus of Yoga With Elin.

Every Body can do Yoga.
Yoga brings you to your full range of motion -
not pushing beyond your limits.
Move the way your body is designed to move.
Learn to safely move through your back, shoulder, and
knee issues.

Increase your energy & learn how to
breathe as nature intended

No Reservations Needed - You choose when and where to attend
Except for the free Beach classes, prices vary between $5 and $10
Private Lessons also Available - call Elin at 941-408-9642

Free Yoga Instruction with Elin at The Venice Beach Pavilion
on the beach - it doesn't get any better.

Monday 8am sunrise, 9am & 7:15pm sunset

Tuesday 8am sunrise, 9am & 7:15pm sunset

Wednesday 8am sunrise, 9am & 7:15pm sunset

Thursday 8am sunrise, 9am & 7:15pm sunset

Friday 8am sunrise, & 9am

Saturday 8am sunrise & 9am

Sunday 8:30am

You can register for one of the following membership Free Membership or Paid Membership.(Live-Stream paid memberships will start on March 27, 2012)

Live-Stream Video Yoga on Venice Beach
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On Tues. Feb.1st,2011, we had over 200 folks at our beach class!!   Note the Beach-Wheelchair in which one Yoga participant arrives.

Stand-Up & Sit-Down Paddleboard with Elin
ACE Certified Personal Fittness Trainer Elin is now Paddle Fit Certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) - the industry standard for Personal Fittness Trainers. It is a reasonably big deal because our staff is the only staff certified.
Glenn (Elin's paddle board partner) and Elin just became certified Life Guards. Paddle board is even safer now. We have 2 Life Guards on duty on the water. How cool is that? We are: Certified Life Guards, cert. in CPR and emergency first aid. [Elin says she is excited about the LG cert. It was not easy. Sort of fun but not easy].

Every Tues & Thurs @ 10am - on the south end of Venice Beach

Sit Down Paddleboard Yoga with Elin  Sit Down Paddleboard Yoga with Elin
Sit Down Paddleboard Yoga with Elin  Sit Down Paddleboard Yoga with Elin
Sign-Up required - Boards provided.


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Happy New Year!

Elin Wrote:

Just a bragging note to tell everyone I got some recognition for the yoga I do on Venice Beach.
It was in Sarasota County's Herald Tribune yesterday (Jan 1, 2012)
It listed the top 10 Fun things to do in Sarasota County.

#1 Siesta Beach (also voted #1 beach in the world last year)
#2 Legacy Trail (a 30 mile bicycle trail that is outstanding)
#3 Myakka State Forest (big alligators and beautiful park)
#4 Freedom Swim (Charlotte County, how'd that get in there?)
#5 Yoga on Venice Beach with ME!
I couldn't believe it!! Still can't believe it. It is from all those folks that come to the beach and truly appreciate what we have in Venice. It is not all about me, cuz if nobody came it wouldn't happen. The 300 + people that come to class daily in season are the cast of players that really make it.

#6 thru 10 Who cares!!!?? Thanks for letting me brag. Oh, by the way, Paddle board in general was #8.

Thanks for all the support. Happy, healthy and prosperous 2012. elin

A Testimonial to Elin received From: Evelyn Bouchard - Dated: June 03, 2011

After all of the economic stress that my husband and I have gone through during the
past two years, I felt that I had to do something to change my attitude and "let go" of
all the bad feelings. Last week I was walking by the class on Venice Beach and I finally
decided I was going to try it.

At this point I would have tried anything to get my sanity back. After just one class,
I felt GREAT!!!! My attitude has changed so much because Elin teaches us breathing,
stretching, and relaxation techniques which are invaluable.

Elin, along with the rest of her class were so welcoming to me that I look forward to it
and try to go everyday.

So for all of you suffering from stress, anxiety ......... go to her class.
You will notice the difference right away!!!!!!!!!

A Testimonial to Elin received From: Kim and Ken Eudy - Dated: May 18, 2011

After making the commitment to become healthier by September for our thirty year
anniversary and our upcoming 60th birthdays (01-01 & 04-04), we found three factors
that played key roles in our success.

First, we discovered Free Yoga at the Beach with Elin. She encouraged yoga
participants of all ages, disabilities and smiles. Lay down and relax was how we
started and ended our time with her; everything in between was pure golden for
us since we had started a new diet program to compliment our endeavor.

Committing to weekly weigh-in's and measurements taken, our doctor gave us
even more encouragement in reaching our goal with his Ideal Protein method.
I was able to eliminate my high blood pressure medication and we lowered our
cholesterol to a normal range without medication. That was HUGE.

Another key element was by 9 AM we had walked/Trikke'd two miles and enjoyed
being in the moment with Elin and all the good friends we met at our 8 AM Yoga
Class. It was a great way to start our day, six days a week.

We are leaving several inches and 63 pounds behind (30 for me and 33 for Ken)
but taking our yoga CD's with us. It would be very difficult if we didn't start
our day with Elin and Elin-ism that make us smile. We enjoy taking time to
be in the moment - however, this will not be our last.

Thank you Elin, you simply helped change our lives.

A Testimonial to Elin received From: Carl Propes - Dated: May 10, 2011

My mother lives in Venice and has for many years. This past April while I was visiting
I just stumbled into one of Elin\'s evening classes. I loved it. What a perfect setting
for a little exercise and 'centering', either at the start of the day or just before sunset
at the finish. Now I won't ever be able to imagine visiting Venice again (from my home
in Alaska no less) without making a point to participate in Elin's beach yoga classes.
And I have been spreading the word all throughout the yoga community in Alaska too
- but too bad we don't really have any beaches where we could start a beach yoga
practice here too!

A Testimonial to Elin received From: Barbara Goguen - Dated: March 17, 2011

We recently spent a few weeks in Venice and attended \"Yoga on the Beach\" each
morning. It was truly a joy to participate and Elin makes everyone feel comfortable.

A Testimonial to Elin received From: Jo Ann Carnes - Dated: Wed, February 2, 2011

We could not be happier that you are now sharing your yoga experience with us ...
on Tuesday nights. We have waited for a long time for you!!! Now, if you could
only add Thursday night to that it would all be GREAT.

Have enjoyed many of your classes at the beach - you are the best.

A Testimonial to Elin received From: Joanne Cooper - Dated: Tue, December 28, 2010

Comments:Dear Elin:

This morning, by USPS, I sent you a check and a request for four more
of the wonderful DVD "CHAIR YOGA". I have been giving the discs as
gifts to my friends in Pittsburgh, PA. and must tell you that everyone
has found them a perfect instructional tool.

This year winter began early. So many of us who have difficulty navigating
the icy sidewalks and cannot do stand-up exercises in our apartments now
have the benefit of your no strain yoga way to maintain flexibility.

You will recall that my nephew, Albert Cooper, sent me your DVD in late summer.
It is one of the most beneficial gifts that anyone has ever bestowed upon me.

Best regards,
Joanne Cooper
Pittsburgh, PA.

A Testimonial to Elin received From: Albert Cooper - Dated: Mon, September 06, 2010

I recently purchased your three DVD's on Yoga and I augment my
morning yoga practice by adding a section at a time. Creating various
classes for various levels: chair yoga, and the two DVD's for
various levels of yoga is very well done.

As a teacher of Acu-Yoga I enjoy your creative yoga/exercise poses.
I love seeing the sunset, hearing the sounds of the beach and
remembering how accessible you are to everyone while teaching.

The dead bug and other names are good for a laugh and good for flexibility.
Your smile is contagious. Thank you for your service to the community.

Albert Cooper

A Testimonial to Elin received From: Matilde Bermudezh - Dated: Thurs, August 19, 2010

The best vacation I ever had, all because of yoga with Elin on the
beach,it is so amazing to have someone to give of her time, to do something
so wonderful, as to give back to the community,

Elin I want to say THANK YOU, God bless you and give you all the blessings
that you deserve.

A Testimonial to Elin received From: Betty Hirth - Dated: Thurs, May 20, 2010

I consider the availability of "Free Yoga on the Beach" to be one of Venice's top
advantages. Elin is knowledgeable, approachable, and really keeps the classes
moving and fun. It truly has appeal for all ages. My 20-something daughter is
always willing to get up (on her vacation!) and bike to the beach with me for the
9 o'clock session. And every visitor I have encouraged to try it says "I would
definitely do this regularly if I lived here." Well, I do live here -- in the winter
-- and I look forward to my regular Yoga on the beach all summer!

Till January...Betty Hirth

Another Testamonial - this one from Maureen Kreider, received April 28, 2009

“Yoga at the Beach with Elin” is something I try to do for myself almost every morning.
Whenever possible I like to do both classes-- 8:00 and 9:00. Elin’s class at sunset is
wonderful as well.

Bruno Mollica is to be thanked and congratulated for bringing the yoga program to
Venice Beach. When Elin moved to Venice from Connecticut in late 2007, Bruno asked
her if she would consider giving yoga instruction on the beach. She agreed without
hesitation and she loves it.

She has 30 years experience as a yoga instructor. Her classes are free and they are
held every Monday through Saturday in front of the pavilion. Everyone is welcome.

Elin has a clear voice and a joyous approach to yoga and to life. In her short time here,
she has become quite a phenomenon. In one session this year, she had 214 in attendance.
Her CD’s, tee shirts and caps can be purchased in the Snack Shop.

Elin begins each class by saying “Let’s all lie down and relax. Listen to the sounds of
the beach. Feel the ground under you and the breezes over you.” One day we were
doing this when we heard a little boy say, “Are they dead?” There is always this
element of fun in the class!

Thank you for all this, Elin! Thank you Bruno for getting it started!

Maureen Kreider

A Testimonial to Elin received From: Joan & Leo Godwin - Dated: Sun, April 12, 2010

We spent the month of March in Venice and discovered " Yoga with Elin."
We attended several sessions and found it extremely enjoyable. I lift weights
and do extensive cardio at a gym. My personal trainer has often discussed the
importance of Yoga as an addition to my exercise program. Elin is not only very
knowledgeable, but her level of communication is outstanding. There is something
for everyone, regardless of your level of fitness. I'm always amazed at how relaxed
and loose I feel after these sessions.

My wife has a bad back and found these sessions to be helpful with that problem.

We bought Elin's DVD and have been doing her routines at home.

We look forward to next March to join Elin on the beach for further sessions.

The setting could not be more perfect and it was one of the highlights of our vacation.

Thanks for affording us this opportunity.

Another Testamonial From: Snowbird - Dated: Wed, April 1. 2009

2009 Winter in Venice was great. Such wholesome and positive people take part in
all your sponsored promotions. Hate to head North for the summer. Below is a copy
of an email I sent to the Venice Chamber.

Best to you and Elin,
Hugh Lindstrom

To Venice Chamber;
Have property and have been a sno-bird for 10 years. Your members must be
complimented for keeping the area so very vital. The quality of local retailers,
etc is great and of course the beautiful county parks and beaches are well
maintained. Love all the activity at Venice and Nokomis beaches. Yoga on the
beach has contributed to our improved health and flexibility.

Hugh Lindstrom

Another Testimonial to Elin received From: John Hoffnagle - Dated: Tue, 3 March 2009

Just a quick note to let you know that Carolyn uses your DVD every day ... I tried, but
I'm too stiff!  Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Hope you are working on another.

We sure miss you up here - miss you pulling into my office on your motorcycle!
Wish we could get down there, but as you know my winters are hectic and busy.

Hope you have a blessed Christmas


A Testimonial to Elin received From: Denny in Pittsburgh - Dated: Tue, March 03, 2009

Carolyn and I arrived in Pittsburgh Monday afternoon after an adventurous journey home.
We left Venice early Sunday morning and stayed overnight in Charlotte, NC.  On Monday
morning we woke up to 6 inches of snow and temperatures of 18 degrees, boy do we miss
yoga on the beach, sunshine, and warm weather! At least we have your DVD to remind us
of our mornings with Elin!   I hope you are planning to continue your mission of helping
people to a healthier lifestyle next year in Venice, as we are planning to return
(hopefully for 2 months this time).

I love quotes,  and I mentioned one of my favorites in my card I left with you;
"Life should not be measured by the number of breaths we take,  but the moments that take
our breath away." Another of my favorites is "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery,
and today (the present) is a gift."  Carolyn and I enjoyed the "gift" of your support and
encouragement each day.  Thank you.


P.S. Our friends, George and Peggy Boros are still in Venice and have become converts
to your yoga class as well. Take good care of them!

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